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Popcorn Flavors

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Caramel Our signature flavor, made from scratch with brown sugar, real butter, and Mexican Vanilla.
Toffee It's the Caramel recipe with lots more butter! Makes for a richer flavor.
Vanilla It's our basic sweet recipe with Mexican Vanilla.
Butter Cream The Vanilla recipe with lots more butter, so it's a richer version of Vanilla.
Kettle Corn It's popped in sugar and salted on the cooling table. Customers tell us it's the best Kettle Corn they've ever had.
Sweet Jalapeno Our own creation, it's the sweet recipe with powdered jalapeno pepper added while it's cooking.
Honey Creek Crunch Inspired by the original Hico settlement at Honey Creek, just south of us. We substitute a cup of honey for one of the cups of sugar in the sweet recipe, and dust it with cinnamon on the cooling table.
Cinnamon The sweet recipe with Vietnamese cinnamon added while it cooks.
Cinnamon Toast It's popped with sugar like kettle Corn, but with Vietnamese cinnamon added.

Cotton Candy  Made with Floss Sugar, just like real Cotton Candy.



Movie Theatre Buttery and salty. We use the same seasoning used at the movies.
White Cheddar Drizzled with a white cheddar cheese mix in our mixer to coat the popcorn. It's a wonderful taste experience, and our most popular savory.
Yellow Cheddar Made just like white cheddar, only with yellow cheese. It's a little sharper flavor, and very popular.
Garlic Parmesan Just the right amount of garlic seasoning and parmesan are added to the basic White Cheddar Cheese recipe.
Salt & Vinegar If you like Salt & Vinegar chips, you'll love our Salt & Vinegar popcorn!
Ranch The flavor of Ranch dressing on popcorn. It's a hit!
Dill Pickle We add dill seasoning to the basic White Cheddar recipe. it's one of our most popular flavors, and it's fun to watch people try it for the first time. Many are surprised at how much they like it.
Backyard Grill We opened our store on the day of Hico's Annual Steak Cookoff in May of 2010. We thought a steak seasoning on the popcorn would be just the right touch. It was so well received, we kept making it.
Spicy Jalapeno This one is a combination of spices, including powdered jalapeno pepper added to the White Cheddar recipe. We love it!
Buffalo We add cayenne pepper to the Yellow Cheddar recipe for a spicy twist. The name comes from the similarity to the recipe for Buffalo Chicken Wings.
Chipotle Ranch Our own blend of Chipotle pepper and a few other spices along with Ranch dressing seasoning makes for a great combination.

Locked and Loaded It's a flavorful combination of yellow cheddar, bacon, sour cream, and chives.



We offer these in the store only in the snack Bag size. We can make them for you by special order in any bag size, though. The price of the bags doubles when we add chocolate or nuts to the popcorn.

Chocolate Caramel Buzz This one is the original in our "Buzz" line. We drizzle chocolate all over our caramel Corn. It's by far the best seller of our specialty flavors.
Chocolate Caramel Sea Salt It's Chocolate Caramel Buzz with coarse sea salt sprinkles.
White Chocolate Toffee Buzz We drizzle white chocolate over Toffee popcorn.
Zebra Buzz Caramel Corn drizzled with both dark and white chocolate.
White Chocolate Kettle Corn It's Kettle Corn drizzled in white chocolate. We started making this one by special request from some regular customers. They finally convinced me to make it a regular offering, and they were right!
Peanut Butter Buzz We mix peanut butter with white chocolate and drizzle it over Vanilla popcorn. It's a treat!
Cashew Caramel We add cashews to the caramel corn while it's mixing. The caramel coating on the cashews is a special taste experience.
Butter Pecan We add pecan pieces to Butter Cream popcorn while it's mixing. The buttery sweetness of that candy coating on the pecans is wonderful.
Hot Pop Trash This is my Aunt Louise's Texas Trash recipe with Buffalo popcorn mixed in. Trash is Chex, pretzels, Bugles, pecans, and cashews baked in a spice mixture that includes cayenne pepper and Tabasco.
Pop Trash It's just like Hot Pop Trash, but without cayenne and Tabasco. We mix it with Movie Theatre popcorn.
Poppy Chow It's Trash coated in powdered chocolate and powdered sugar with Kettle Corn.


SEASONAL OFFERINGS and SPECIAL OCCASIONSWe color our vanilla, candy coated popcorn. With a color sample, we can usually come very close to matching for you. here are our offerings:

Hollinilla is red, white and green, available during the Christmas season.
Valenilla is red, white and pink.
Mardi Gras is yellow, green and purple.
Bunnilla is assorted pastel colors, available in the spring.
Texas Wildflower is bright colors, available spring and summer.
Stars and Stripes is red, white and blue, available in July.
Shades of Autumn is fall colors, available September through November.
Boo-Nilla is our Halloween popcorn -- we do a variety of seasonal color combinations.
Holiday Spice is our most popular seasonal flavor, and we start making it around the end of October. We use pumpkin pie spice, but there's no pumpkin in it.
Team Colors: We make Dallas Cowboys and a few other popular teams during football season. We can make your team colors for you by special order.
Weddings, birthday parties, showers and reunions: Call or email us, and we we'll help you plan. A good rule is 1 to 2 cups of popcorn per guest at an event.

Ready to Order? Call us at (254) 796-4125 or Email your Order.