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The Story.....   

Hico Popcorn Works is family owned and operated. We took our name and created our logo after a turn of the century business, Hico Candy and Bottling Works.

We got our popcorn education by traveling the state and visiting other popcorn businesses. We met some wonderful people who shared tips and recipes. Hobey and Julie at Julie's Gourmet Popcorn in Southlake became our mentors. We spent a few weeks working alongside them, learning first hand and hands-on how to pop, flavor, and cook.

We officially opened our doors on May 15, 2010. Steve has become a real popcorn chef, and we are proud of our selection, quality and service. Over the years, we have added Pecan Pralines, Pecan Brittle, Chocolate Dipped Pretzels, and other treats.

In 2013, long time Hico fudge maker, Barbara Ferguson, closed her shop and shared her delicious fudge recipe secrets with us, and we began our fudge operation.

We love meeting new customers and greeting our regulars every day. We appreciate your business!


Steve Douglas and Donna McInnis, Owners