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steve douglasHico Popcorn Works is family owned and operated. We took our name and created our logo after a turn of the century business, Hico Candy and Bottling Works, which we believe operated in the very space we now occupy in the Midland Hotel Building in downtown Hico.

We bought our hundred year old house in Hico in 2005. We were looking for a small Texas town with a quaint downtown shopping area, interesting history, and an old house we could enjoy pampering and restoring. We found all that and more in Hico. For the first several years, the house was a project and a getaway for us. We got to know our neighbors and made good friends. Soon we were talking about finding a way to make Hico our home. In 2009, we decided to take the leap and start a business in Hico. We did some research and soul searching and decided on popcorn. We got our popcorn education by traveling the state and visiting other popcorn businesses. We met some wonderful people who were eager to share tips and recipes. Hobie and Julie at Julie’s Gourmet Popcorn in Southlake became our mentors. We spent a few weeks working alongside them, learning first hand and hands on how to pop, flavor, and cook.

We officially opened our doors on May 15, 2010. Steve has become a real popcorn chef, and we are proud of our selection, quality, and service. We love meeting new customers and greeting our regulars every day. Whether your purchase is a bag, a tin, or a gift basket, we take pride in providing you with a very special product and some fun!

hico popcorn works